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Hardscaping - Patio, Cover, and Balcony Deck, Enterprise, Nevada

Hardscaping Materials

Firstly, Hardscaping is simply the installation of durable, non-living materials, or structures into your immediate landscape, yard, or outdoor space. This can take many shapes, sizes, designs. Decks are a type of hardscaping but Enterprise Deck Builders handles a huge variety of options. When homeowners or business owners use hardscape they add extreme longevity to the value of their homes and businesses.

Some of the materials that would be involved in hardscaping are wood, composites, concrete, brick, loose stone, solid stone, and paving stone. Any one of these hardscaping materials looks great. Combine them and you have a masterpiece. Enterprise Deck Builders can help bring your dream to life with their expert design skills.

Hardscaping Structures

Secondly, hardscaping is not just used to cover over surfaces. Hardscaping is also about adding three-dimensional structures to your outdoor spaces like walls, gazebos, patio covers, walled-courtyards, privacy fences, noise barriers and much more. If you are putting down roots, it is worth it to invest in making where you live as comfortable and as customized as possible. Why spend all your time in a place that you are constantly wanting to improve, when Enterprise Deck Builders can help you improve it now?

Outdoor Kitchens

Thirdly, Outdoor kitchens are some of the most beautiful and yet functional spaces that you can add to your outdoor space. Outdoor kitchens are multi-use, easy to clean, durable, and just plain fun. These are a huge draw for barbecues, parties, or just a quiet romantic date with dinner under the stars. If you’re wondering what your next addition should be, get more information about outdoor kitchens. We know you’ll love it!!

Outdoor Lighting

Lastly, outdoor lighting is probably the most overlooked feature of hardscape. Many homeowners create beautiful designs, courtyards, decks, pool decks, gardens, and more, yet do not plan ahead to install the lighting so that they can use those beautiful additions any time they want to. There is something special about a custom-designed outdoor space bathed in warm incandescent light. Why build something you cannot see? One of the biggest reasons to have a custom outdoor space is because of how it looks! Don’t let those looks go to waste! Contact Enterprise Deck Builders at 702-680-1480 to ask about our custom light packages!