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Deck Repair and Maintenance

Wooden Deck Repair and Maintenance Enterprise NV

Deck Repair is Essential

Deck Repair and Maintenance are essential to keeping your deck safe and healthy. Below are some things to look for. If you find that you don’t have time to look regularly, ask about Enterprise Deck Builder’s service plans. We would be glad to help you with maintaining your add-ons.

Deck Repair needed Immediately:

Bad Beams

Support beams tie directly into deck posts and joists. In other words, beams keep the entire structure supported. Beams need to be checked regularly. It only takes a few minutes. They are located around the edges of the structure just underneath the rim joists. Check for cracks or sagging. Any sign of this kind of damage is serious and needs Deck Repair. If you spot it, or you just need peace of mind, call us right away to ensure the safety of your deck.

Broken Deck Boards

Broken Deck Boards are a sure sign that your deck is not aging well. They are also very unsafe. Falling through a deck can result in significant injury or even death. To prevent accidents related to this kind of damage, call Enterprise Deck Builders. Experts recommend a full board replacement. You should never attempt this yourself. Deck Repairs like this need professional carpentry skills and tools.

Weak Posts

Your Deck Posts are the anchor to the entire structure. Deck posts support and distribute the weight of the entire deck. The beams and joists rely on the posts to be strong and sturdy. Deck posts can often be as large as 6 inches square. However, the size is less important than the strength of their connection to the rest of the structure. They must be attached firmly. If you see gaps, loose connections, damage or decay, call us immediately for repair or replacement.

Structural Weaknesses

In many cases, decks are built by inexperienced homeowners. The skill level of the deck builder directly affects the integrity of the structure. Decks look like a simple flat surface made out of wood, metal, or composite material. Don’t be fooled. Decks have many parts and they all must work together to support you. There are posts, a sub-frame, several kinds of joists, stringers, treads, risers, hangers, and ledger boards to name a few. If your deck or deck stairs feel shaky or are creaking, don’t take risks. If you’re not sure about how to check these parts or what they are, call us. That’s what we are here for.

Refinishing: Deck Discoloration

Deck discoloration is a direct result of seasonal change. It happens to every structure and decks are no exception. However, it can make your deck look outdated. This is why you need to pay to refinish your deck every few years to keep this from occurring. The experts at Enterprise Deck Builders can help maintain the appearance of your investment.

Pest Control: Termite Damage

Did you know that termites pose one of the biggest threats to the condition of your deck? Your deck is outside and in contact with the ground. Because of this, it is constantly exposed to these destructive insects. If you notice any damage or wood shavings around your deck it is a smart idea to call pest control. Your entire property could be at risk. If you just aren’t sure, call Enterprise Deck Builders. We would be glad to stop by and provide you with professional guidance.